How to Buy a Kimono

How to Buy a Kimono

We have prepared a guide on how to purchase a full kimono set so that customers visiting Japan from overseas for travel or business can smoothly enjoy their shopping experience with us. We explain the flow of steps from the day you visit the shop until the kimono is delivered to you.

As a general principle at Ginza Motoji, we tailor order-made kimono that are made to fit the wearer’s physique.

On the day of your visit

Step 1

Visiting the shop

Ginza Motoji has different shops specialising in women’s and men’s kimono.
‘Waori’ and ‘Wasen’ specialises in women’s kimono.
‘Otoko no Kimono’ specialises in men’s kimono.

If you contact us in advance via email (feel free to write in English), we will arrange a staff member who can speak English on the day of your visit to lead you smoothly through the process.

*Please bring your passport if you wish to make tax-free purchases.
*Tax-free purchases can only be made by visitors who are temporarily in Japan (non-residents). Please understand that even if you are not Japanese, if you live in Japan, the tax-free option does not apply to you.

Step 2



We will ask you about what sort of situation, regional climate and season that you will be wearing the kimono in, as well as your preferences so that our staff members can propose the fabrics that best fit your needs.

Step 3

Trial fitting

Choosing the kimono and obi (sash)

Choose the fabric of the kimono; then, the obi to decide on an ensemble of your preference.

Step 4

Trial fitting

Trial fitting

We will arrange the fabric you choose in the form of a kimono so you can try it on to see how it looks. You can check your overall appearance in the kimono.
After making your decision, we will help you select the necessary accessories, such as the kimono undergarment, flip flops, tabi socks, and girdle that match the kimono and obi ensemble.

Step 5

Taking measurements

To ensure that each and every person can look beautiful in their kimono, we at Ginza Motoji take your measurements and tailor the kimono so that it fits your physique.

Step 6

Payment and confirmation

Payment and confirmation

After the measurements, we will lead you through the checkout for the product that you chose. As we do so, we will also explain how long it will take to tailor the kimono and about shipping fees and custom tariffs.

*We ask for around 30 days to tailor the kimono and obi.

Time required: around 1 hour

*The process on the day of your visit will be made smoother if you could send us an email in advance.

Delivery day

When the tailoring is completed, we will ship and deliver the product to you.

Photo Hiroyuki Ooe