People with deep interest and high sense in fashion are now shifting from the typical clothing culture to the Japanese Kimono culture.They are finding prestige and extreme elegance from the traditional, yet totally new style that "Ginza Motoji" presents through their lines of kimonos. The beauty created by wrapping oneself with one of Motoji's kimonos simply astonishes anyone who ever encounters it.

The purpose of the "Wasen Line," is to simply further the understanding of the beauty "Wasen kimonos" have, and to promote new types of "Wasen Kimonos," to fulfill modern customer needs.

Product Line

"Search for new ideas, polish it, and reflect it in our work "this is our motto at "Wasen," where we provide our custom-made kimonos to our highly fashionable customers, who desire to purchase our kimonos that are trendy yet original.


By introducing a variety of new ways to wear our kimonos properly, we at "Wasen" help customers adopt the kimono into their daily life without any hesitation, so our customers would be able to enjoy our products fully and extensively. Furthermore, at "Wasen" our tenants will gladly introduce to you, how to coordinate our kimonos according to season, so they would look extremely elegant and beautiful, at anytime of the year.