As communicating specialist of kimono, we would like to become a bridge connecting customers with handmade crafts, creating a brilliant future for Japan’s kimono culture.

Why is a piece of fabric woven from crisscrossed threads such a source of delight, solace, and happiness to people? It is because the actual life experience of the artist takes on colours and shapes that are woven and dyed into the fabric along with the threads.

As communicating specialist of kimono, we aspire to enable as many people as possible to experience the pleasure of wearing kimonos by conveying the living nature of the materials and the individual artists’ stories that imbue each piece of fabric.

That is why we strive to feature the people behind the craft, clarifying production history thread by thread. We consider it important to personally visit the regions across the country which produce our materials. We would like to look with our own eyes, listen with our own ears, and feel with our own hands so that we can describe materials that have satisfied our requirements to customers in our own words.

These days, huge volumes of material goods are consumed and thrown away. But we would like to encourage Japanese people to appreciate material goods by making the kimono part of their lives again. The kimono was once the epitome of stylish dressing; we would like to reinstate it as a modern vogue among Japanese people, giving the kimono a new lease of life as a wardrobe option within today’s fashion culture.

Kimonos enrich the lives of the people who wear them and they also enrich the lives of our artists. By connecting the wearers of kimonos and the artists who create them, we are pursuing our cherished dream of creating a brilliant future for Japan’s world-renowned dyeing and weaving culture.