Message from the CEO

Almost 40 years have passed since Ginza Motoji set up its shop in Ginza, and what we have always regarded as most important over those 40 years is sincerity.

We value the sincerity of the Japanese people, of our customers, of the artists who make our kimonos, and our own sincerity as we forge connections between them all.

What do our customers want, and what causes them problems?
What are artists aiming to achieve when they are working on kimonos?
What makes our colleagues’ hearts leap for joy?
We want Ginza Motoji to be a shop that always values sincerity.

Since Ginza Motoji was established in 1979 we have taken on a variety of new challenges that have at times earned us a reputation as mavericks. For example, we opened Japan’s first men’s kimono shop, we adopted transparent billing practices that show tailoring charges, and we make a point of featuring the people behind the craft by recording the production history of our kimonos. I believe that, however times may change, we can forge a new way forward by continually returning to the question of what would make us happy if we ourselves were the customers.

In 2018 we adopted a new business concept expressed in the slogan ‘Ginza Motoji: Enabling Japan and the Japanese people to shine, thread by thread.’ As a company, we will continue challenging ourselves to realise our dreams, aspiring to be like sunlight that enables customers who wear our kimonos to shine to their best advantage and brings happiness to everybody involved in making the kimonos.

Komei Motoji,
Representative and CEO, Ginza Motoji Co., Ltd.


Komei Motoji was born in 1949 in Amami Oshima in Kagoshima prefecture. At the age of 21, he tried on some clothing made of Oshima Tsumugi fabric left to him by his late father and appreciated the quality of his hometown’s woven textiles for the first time. He entered the kimono textiles industry, determined to make more people aware of the appeal of kimonos. Subsequently, in 1979, he founded Motoji Gofukuten in Ginza. Motoji is now engaged in a wide range of activities as a kimono producer who connects artists with customers.