Original Products

The concept at Ginza Motoji is ‘from a single thread’. We are meticulous about the quality of materials, starting with the cocoons, and we relentlessly pursue superior texture, comfort and design. In this way, we create various original works solely unique to Ginza Motoji.

We develop products that allow wearers to enjoy Japanese-style fashions all the more. For example, there are the works made from high quality domestic silk woven by male-only Platinum Boy silkworms, the first of its kind in the world and arranged by Ginza Motoji. In addition, we collaborate with different artists to create unique products.

There are cases when it takes a long time to deliver works to our customers. Please take a look at our selected works that were created without making a single concession.

Platinum Boy

‘Platinum Boy’ is produced from the raw silk of male cocoons only, the first of its kind in the world. Utilising the attractiveness of the material’s luster, lightness and grace, we create original works through collaborations with artists and workshops across the country.

Ginza Motoji Otoko no Kimono Original Collection


With the owner’s son and successor, Mr. Keita Motoji acting as the Creative Director, this initiative began in the fall and winter of 2015. Here, we propose Japanese-style attires that fit into the modern world.

Ginza’s Willow Dye

Born from the desire to create something unique to Ginza, these products were created from natural dyes produced from the willow trees lining Ginza’s streets, the symbols of the district. Every year, the Chuo Ward personnel trim the willows and share some of the leaves with us, which we then send to artists and production regions across the country to be made into dyes.

Oshima Tsumugi: Ginza’s Coloured Splashed Patterns

We create original Oshima Tsumugi works utilising modern colours that fit into Ginza’s townscape. Please search for the colours that bring out your best qualities and highlight your uniqueness.


We create works through collaborations with brands and artists from across the country.

Ginza Motif

In addition, we offer a selection of other lighthearted products, such as kimono undergarments depicting Ginza’s townscape during its golden vintage years, as well as wrapping cloths featuring Ginza’s symbolic willow trees. They are perfect Ginza souvenirs.