Ginza Born Oshima Tsumugi

Weaving Together the Stories of ‘Customers’ and ‘Artisans’ here in Ginza

Our Oshima Tsumugi are woven by a weaver called Ms. Kiyota on a loom inside the ‘Ginza Motoji Oshima Tsumugi’ shop. Oshima Tsumugi are created through a relay of several dozen processes that include designing, binding and mud dyeing. The final weaving step is done in Ginza. Since the weaving needs to be done while matching the designs of the splashed patterns with a needle tip, only a few centimeters can be woven in a day. A single bolt takes several months to weave and when it is completed, a ceremony is held to commemorate the completion.

The Oshima Tsumugi Currently Displayed on the Loom