Gallery Izumi: The Wellspring of Talent

Between the doors to the women’s kimono stores ‘Waori’ and ‘Wasen’, is another door that opens into ‘Gallery Izumi’. This space was prepared by the owner, Mr. Motoji, from the time he first opened ‘Waori and Wasen’. He envisioned meeting young artists one day, who would shoulder the future of their profession, and wanted them to open these doors to spread their wings and fly out into the world.

Gallery Izumi has long embodied Mr. Motoji’s dream. He has seen talented young artists leave the world of dyeing and weaving too many times. He created this gallery as a space to place the spotlight on skilled young artists with the potential to succeed in the dyeing and weaving industry of Japan and to showcase their works.

This became a reality in 2017, when a solo exhibit was held for the first time at Gallery Izumi.

First Exhibit: Stencil Dye Artist Ms. Maiko Sawada
‘I create works thinking about the “connection” they will have with the people who will wear them’.

Second Exhibit: Dyeing and Weaving Artist Ms. Kyoko Suga
‘I hope my works will bring a gentle comfort to people when they wear them’.

Third Exhibit: Japanese Chintz (Wasarasa) Artist Mr. Shiro Nakano